Restaurants, hotels and other interested businesses please contact us for a price.

"A few for yourself?" Minimum order is £20, which is for 10 large 'live in the shell' scallops collected from Sconser. Recipes and shucking advice are available. I harvest to order so I need some notice, 48 hours at least. Please remember I am weather-dependent and also to bring a water-proof container (cool box etc) to protect your vehicle from sea water.

...or you can enjoy them cooked deliciously by The Professionals here on Skye at:

The Three Chimneys



Isle of Skye

IV55 8ZT

Tel: 01470 511258

Loch Bay Restaurant



Isle of Skye

IV55 8GA

Tel: 01470 592324


Sconser Lodge Hotel

Isle of Skye
IV48 8TD
Tel: 01478 650333


Coruisk House

Isle of Skye
IV49 9BL
Tel: 01471 866330

The Bosville Hotel

Bosville Terrace
Isle of Skye
IV51 9DG
Tel: 01478 612846

Duisdale House Hotel

Isle Ornsay

Isle of Skye
IV43 8QW
Tel: 01471 833202

The above list is all of our Skye customers, where you can enjoy our scallops.

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Oakes Marine, Old Mission House, Sconser, Isle of Skye, IV48 8TD. Tel 01478 650304.